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Fitness, photography, and water resistance are the focus of Apple's new ads

Apple has released a series of new ads for its iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, highlighting some of their new features, such as water resistance and low-light photography.

The first ad, titled "Midnight," follows a teenager out on a late-night excursion with his phone, taking pictures along the way of moths, a deer, and the city late at night, highlighting the phone’s improved camera.

The next ad, "Morning Ride," is all about the phone’s new water resistance as a biker suits up for a bike ride during a heavy rainstorm.

The third ad is for the Apple Watch 2 and is aptly titled "Go Time." It focuses on the company doubling down on the fact that a lot of people are wearing them as fitness trackers with the ad depicting people using the device while swimming, running, and trying to be on time.