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Here's why DragonCon draws in the best of the cosplay community

Here's why DragonCon draws in the best of the cosplay community

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If you like cosplay at all, DragonCon is the place that you want to go. While costumers can be found at just about every convention you go to, this is where cosplayers go to show off every Labor Day weekend.

It’s like a living parade of internet memes

While San Diego Comic-Con is what everyone thinks about when you say the word 'convention,' DragonCon is where cosplayers bring out their best work. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, the convention celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, and in addition to the panels and vendors that you'll see at most conventions, the real draw is its spectacular array of costumers and their best work, which surpass every other convention out there. If Comic-Con is like a college degree, DragonCon is like graduate school. There's no limit to the strange, obscure, or downright bewildering.

Sneaky Zebra’s latest video does a good job at capturing the incredible variety, creativity, and strangeness of DragonCon. In addition to seeing regular costumes like Stormtroopers or comic book characters, you're treated to a living parade of internet memes. Want to see a Daft Punk / Star Wars crossover? How about Immortan Trump? Troop of Lego Ghostbusters? Prince as a Power Ranger? They’re all there, and you never know exactly what you’re going to find when you visit.

If there’s any drawback to this sort of video, it’s knowing that you’re only seeing a fraction of what there was to see.