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Nick Offerman reading Tom Sawyer is just as charming as you’d hope

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Nick Offerman, Audible
Nick Offerman, Audible

For seven seasons of the late NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, the mustachioed-character Ron Swanson behaved like a Mark Twain character dropped inexplicably into modern-day Indiana. The whiskey-swilling, woodworking, meat-loving Libertarian could have become a forgettable straight-man alongside a crowded ensemble cast of local government do-rights, but actor Nick Offerman gave Swanson heart and depth.

Even with the show wrapped, Offerman is still associated with Swanson’s gruff, straight-faced humor. And so it’s fitting that Offerman is the voice of the latest audio book version of Twain’s classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Recorded for Audible, the audio book is now available.

Of course, everyone should hear Offerman read Twain. So by request, the folks at Audible shared this exclusive excerpt from the beginning of Chapter 2.