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ESPN upgrades its drone coverage with new race season starting October 23rd

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Back in September, ESPN dipped its toe into the waters of FPV drone racing with a live stream of a three-day event in New York followed by an edited one-hour broadcast. The experiment seems to have been a success, and the network has now announced a multi-year deal with one of the sport's fledgling organizing bodies, the Drone Racing League (DRL), to broadcast 10, one-hour shows on ESPN and ESPN2.

These 10 episodes will cover what DRL is calling its 2016 season — a series of five races around different courses, leading up to a winner-takes-all "world championship" final. An hour-long introduction to the sport will also be broadcast on ESPN2 on Thursday, September 15th, then repeated on October 23rd, followed by races every subsequent Thursday and Sunday. The full schedule is as below:

ESPN will broadcast the 10 episodes in North, South, and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, but the DRL is also taking its wares to the UK and Ireland (where they'll be shown on Sky Sports Mix) and Germany (where they'll appear on ProSiebenSat.1). For a closer look at what to expect from the races, you can check out the teaser above.