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The Apple of the iPhone 7 and the lack of Lumias



The light of the Lumias getting blown out, by lack of solid marketing, lack of developer interest and apps, lack of mobile APIs, lack of consumer oriented focus from Microsoft itself, lackluster media treatment, and lack of interest by the general buying public and nerds alike.

I am sad to hear the halted production of the Lumia 950 lineup.

I think it they are solid phones, that had a very bumpy introduction (unfinished software)

Personally I value the

  • OS - Windows 10 Mobile is beautiful, personal and effective
  • Screen is gorgeous - high res enough for anything, blacks of AMOLED with Clear Black Display tech
  • Camera takes phenomenal images (and records ditto video and sound)
  • Customization of the look of the phone, both tiles, background images, colours and the removable Mozo covers
  • Very fast charging
  • Wireless Continuum (on my TV for example)
Mozo covers

Mozo covers in leather

I would like a few more apps and some other people would like a lot more new apps.

If a day should come where I could no longer choose a Windows Mobile experience, it seems that I would have to choose between iOS or androids. That is a day I dread to come...

I think it would be sad not to have Microsoft as an alternative. Thankfully they are still developing Windows 10 Mobile, and therefore I have hope to see something aspirational from Microsoft hardware groups in the future.

Apple progress

The speedbump, waterproofing, and some added attention to the cameras is great and for desirable steps forward for the iPhone 7. Good job on that Apple!

After that, please have the #Courage to take a look at this little video about the iPhone 7 audio changes.

Lightning connector headphone quality

Those arguments to remove the mini-jack... Phil Shiller is a big bad brainwasher is he not?

So consider giving it some thoughts about what Apple's decision to remove the mini jack means for you and the consumer in general and whether that should have an effect on your buying habits going forward.

This is part of the reason why Apple needs more competition.