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Tinder can now show your top Spotify tracks

Tinder can now show your top Spotify tracks


Hope you have good taste

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Spotify on Tinder

Tinder users can now show off just how great their taste in music is by hooking their Spotify account up to their profile. Tinder and Spotify announced a partnership this morning to make the integration happen, letting people explore their matches’ top songs and any listening habits they have in common.

Spotify partnered with Bumble to introduce basically this exact same feature back in June. On Tinder, it’s arriving with one additional twist: everyone, including people without a Spotify account, will be able to highlight one song they love right on their profile.

Fortunately, you can hide embarassing tracks

The two companies have come up with a really goofy name for this feature. The song is called your "Anthem," because it’s supposed to be the one track that so perfectly represents you. Having once been a teenager and having always loved twee movies, I understand this. But I also find typing it out quite painful.

Anyway, music is cool and probably as good a way as any to make a split-second judgement on compatibility, so it seems like a nice addition. The feature is supposed to launch today in all areas where Spotify is available. And don’t worry — if you’ve been listening to something embarrassing lately, Tinder will let you hide it.