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Apple's macOS Sierra is now available to download

Apple's macOS Sierra is now available to download


Goodbye OS X, hello Siri

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Apple's macOS Sierra is now available for general consumption, bringing with it a clutch of new features and the end of the OS X name. The biggest addition for the latest version of Apple's desktop OS is Siri, which is now available as a discrete app in both the dock and menu bar. Just like on the iPhone, you can use Siri to get answers to questions about things like the weather and sports results, or more functional tasks like setting reminders or replying to a text — all through the voice interface.

Other new Sierra features include improved file syncing with iCloud, new tools for storage management, and updates to core Apple apps including Photos (hello facial recognition albums!) and Safari (now with Apple Pay!). You'll also see some of the features introduced with iOS 10 make their way over to the desktop, including those over-the-top iMessage animations and a big-font refresh of Apple Music in iTunes. As ever with these updates it's wise to back up before you upgrade, and you can check out our review of macOS Sierra for more detail on what's new.