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I know who this yoga mat made out of footballs is perfect for

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The BallerYoga mat is $495 to $1,000 worth of the same leather they use to make NFL footballs, but it’s also a statement piece for your home.

What does it state? Either that you’re a committed "baller" who knows that "nothing beats the grip and control of leather," or that you’re Zachary Quinto’s character in American Horror Story: Asylum and everything in your house is made out of skin.

american horror story
american horror story

BallerYoga promises that every element of its BallerYoga mats are made in the USA — the decorative football laces and all the skins. They also promise that your BallerYoga mat will smell better and look better the more you use it, sort of like the opposite of the skin on your body.

Below you can observe the BallerYoga mat in use on a beach. Clint Eastwood is tagged in the caption, because Clint has just gotta see this! Just kidding, don’t click on that Instagram handle at work.

Introducing a new football "spike" for your weekend end zone. @clinteastwood

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