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In the new Jumanji, the curse is terrible hiking gear!

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Dwayne Johnson (Instagram)

Filming has just begun for Jake Kasden's Jumanji sequel, and based on this photo from set there are some really interesting new rules to the accursed titular board game. Namely: it curses you by making you forget to pack a water bottle and a shirt mid-section when you go on a hike.

Karen Gillan's character, having fallen victim to the game's curse, is clearly wearing an outfit that is entirely inappropriate for adventuring in the jungle — incredible but impractical boots, shorts with very little pocket room, and some sort of leather crop-top vest that can't possibly be a portable back support. The film's star, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, captioned the photo assuring his followers "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me ;)."


Since I do trust the Rock (always), we know there is a logical plot explanation for this outfit. If it is as we imagined, one can only assume that Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and the Rock himself will be sporting similarly limiting garb later in the film. What a fun plot twist!

what a fun plot twist!

I can't wait to see Sexy Jack Black try to climb a tree using only his Clueless-era choker for support! I'll confess that the original Jumanji curse seemed a bit more frightening, but being upstream without a paddle (or, standing amid tropical brush without pant legs, as it were) is pretty scary too. Good luck to Sexy Kevin Hart once he loses those binoculars and has to wink at everyone over a pair of sexy librarian thick-framed glasses instead!

Everyone here at The Verge is thrilled that the team behind the film has such an open-minded stance on gender. There's no way the plot explanation for this outfit will be that Gillan plays a woke nerd who, because of Jumanji's meta board game rules, must play as the sexy jungle explorer, but actually she hates her clothes. That would be just a little too cute and we trust this production with our whole hearts. And we trust The Rock! ;)