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Joss Whedon wrangles a zillion celebrities for meta anti-Trump PSA

Joss Whedon wrangles a zillion celebrities for meta anti-Trump PSA


Johansson and Ruffalo and Tucci and Moore and Franco and Sheen, oh my!

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To mark the occasion of his new Super PAC, Save the Day, Joss Whedon enlisted about a zillion of his celebrity buddies to help him make a pro-voter registration / anti-Trump PSA.

Unlike most celebrity PSAs, this one involves all of the celebrities acknowledging the cliche of celebrity PSAs. They promise that if you go out and vote, Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie. They also point out that the most famous person gets to be on screen last (it's Robert Downey Jr., but I would argue that it should have been my queen Julianne Moore!).

mark ruffalo

Whedon has to walk a very fine line here — the ad is serious but not too serious, meta but not exactly self-aware. It's funny, but in a Superbowl ads of 2004 kind of way. The message has to be "by no means should anyone vote for Trump" while simultaneously whispering "but lol we're just famous people, many of us detached from the everyperson reality that will be forever maimed by a Trump presidency."

I'm not sure what demographic exactly this ad is meant to sway. It's certainly not undecided potential Trump voters who were just waiting on word from former Bernie-or-Buster Mark Ruffalo. It seems like most anyone who was considering voting Trump are not looking to hear what a crowd of coastal liberals has to say — let alone celebrities. Perhaps it's for independents? Or undecideds who also enjoy Netflix? If that's the case, surely they nabbed a few with the inclusion of Stranger Things sheriff David Harbour and this pristine mustache:

james franco mustache