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Apple reportedly in talks with self-balancing motorcycle startup Lit Motors

Apple’s second acquisition rumor today

Lit Motors

Apple’s search for partners with experience making cars is heating up. The Financial Times first reported that the Silicon Valley giant has been negotiating with McLaren and now The New York Times confirmed that it’s also in talks with Lit Motors, a Bay Area startup that manufactures self-balancing motorcycles.

According to The New York Times, Apple has already hired away “several” former Lit Motors engineers. The company — its motto stating “We are creating the future of transportation, today” — is known for its C-1 vehicle, which looks like a cross between a motorcycle and Google’s self-driving car prototype.

The news of the talks comes at a time when Apple is trying to reinvigorate its secretive car project, codenamed Titan. Earlier this month, it was reported the company fired dozens of engineers as it sought to clarify the purpose of its car ambitions.

Apple declined to comment on the talks, while a spokesperson for McLaren denied they were speaking with Apple about investments. A spokesperson for Lit Motors did not immediately respond to requests for comment.