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An artist fixed that Jumanji set photo

An artist fixed that Jumanji set photo

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Nathan Cooke (Instagram)

Yesterday, the first photo from the set of the new Jumanji movie was unveiled on Instagram. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson originally claimed that the plot would explain Karen Gillans’ "jungle wardrobe." Before Johnson changed the caption, we set about making some guesses as to what plot might demand Gillans interesting outfit.

Our best guess was that the new version of the eponymous board game cursed losing players by making them forget water bottles and pant legs when preparing for a hike in the jungle. Basically, you’re not doomed to wander in the jungle forever, you’re just doomed to lose all previous understanding of practical hiking gear.


That, or, as The Verge’s Adi Robertson suggested, you’re doomed to breathe through your skin!

We made eager, spoiler-y predictions about how Gillan’s curse would play out for the rest of the characters:

I can't wait to see Sexy Jack Black try to climb a tree using only his Clueless-era choker for support! I'll confess that the original Jumanji curse seemed a bit more frightening, but being upstream without a paddle (or, standing amid tropical brush without pant legs, as it were) is pretty scary too. Good luck to Sexy Kevin Hart once he loses those binoculars and has to wink at everyone over a pair of sexy librarian thick-framed glasses instead!

And now, to help us visualize the highly anticipated sequel to a classic children’s film, Verge reader Nathan Cooke has provided us with some excellent concept art.

I’m confident that the story can explain these creative choices, too, Nathan.