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Did Samsung bungle the Note recall?

The latest from Ctrl-Walt-Delete


The tech news of the past few weeks still lingers, so this week on Ctrl-Walt-Delete Walt and Nilay tackle a few topics.

Samsung is still trying to remove all Note 7s affected with battery malfunction from circulation, but as Walt notes, some customers are going through obstacles trying return them. Walt and Nilay examine Samsung’s approach to the recall and how they may be messing it up for themselves.

Also, in Walt’s column this week, he reviews watchOS 3 so the two get into Apple’s sort-of reboot for the Apple Watch and its new role in the gadget world.

There’s a lot more that they discuss including macOS Sierra, new Macbooks, and Google’s Allo so get ready for, as Nilay calls it, “a grab-bag episode” of Ctrl-Walt-Delete.

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