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Samsung: ‘about half’ of dangerous Note 7s have been exchanged in the US

James Bareham / The Verge

Samsung is claiming that “about half” of the Galaxy Note 7 devices that could potentially explode have been exchanged for new phones — at least in the US. Samsung also says that “90 percent” of those who have exchanged their phone decided to get another Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has been under fire (pardon the pun) for mishandling the recall, having at the very least failed to engage with US regulators. At worst, some owners who are trying to return their Note 7s are running into problems dealing with Samsung, the carriers, or both. Bloomberg also recently reported that the root of the problem with the faulty batteries stemmed from a rush to outdo the iPhone 7. Meanwhile, lawsuits have begun and the FAA won’t let owners turn the phones on during flights nor check them in luggage.

All of that is just a sampling of the bad news that’s accrued over the past week or so, and more is likely to come until the number of returned devices reaches something approximating 100 percent. And even then, it could be an indefinite dark stain on Samsung’s brand.

Samsung’s full statement is below:

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced today that about half of all recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S. have been exchanged through Samsung’s voluntary recall. Additionally, 90 percent of Galaxy Note7 owners have been opting to receive the new Galaxy Note7 since the phones became widely available on Wednesday, September 21.