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Samsung will now let you charge your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to 80 percent

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Some people refuse to return their recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so the company is trying to make the phones safer by limiting how much they can be charged. Samsung recalled its Note 7s earlier this month after reports of batteries overheating and exploding. Last week, it issued a software patch in Korea that capped charges at 60 percent. But the company appears to now let users charge up to 80 percent. Sammobile reports that if the maximum charge of 60 percent option is turned off, the phone will charge to 80 percent. It’s not clear whether this setting is available in the US, but we’ve reached out to Samsung for clarification and will update when we hear back. Seriously though, return your phone.


Meanwhile, all the major phone carriers in the US already have a stock of replacement Note 7s in their retail stores. Samsung shipped 500,000 new phones to the US with the majority of them being set aside for customers who purchased defective phones. Only half of the exploding battery devices have been turned in so far.