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Drake's new short film Please Forgive Me is part Indecent Proposal, part Taken

Drake’s new short film, Please Forgive Me, has just been released exclusively on Apple Music. The short, which takes tracks from the platinum-selling Views, is an action-thriller that blends Indecent Proposal, The Bourne Identity, and Taken. If you never really pictured Drake as an action movie star, well, here you go.

The short — which is only the second video to come out of Views since "Child’s Play" landed earlier this month — was filmed by music video director Anthony Mandler over the course of a single week in Soweto, South Africa. Featuring collaborators Popcaan and Kyla Reid, the film follows Drake as he lets his unnamed girlfriend (who looks suspiciously like Rihanna) agree to a million-dollar tryst as part of a scheme to make off with the money. The scheme, of course, goes awry, and things only explode from there.

The short is entertaining, but Drake isn't a very credible action star

It’s an entertaining little short. Mandler’s camerawork in Please Forgive Me is immaculate here, showing off gorgeous vistas of South Africa and packing the encounters between the Drake’s crew and the Soweto underworld with tense dread. But Drake himself, who has been flirting with the dream of being an action star since 2013’s "Hold On We’re Going Home," just isn’t very convincing when he’s shooting people down or blowing things up. Maybe if this were a romantic comedy set in the Bahamas we’d take this a little more seriously. You just can’t win them all, Aubrey.