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Disney is also thinking about buying Twitter

Disney is also thinking about buying Twitter

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Disney is the latest high-profile name to consider an acquisition offer for Twitter, according to a report today from Bloomberg. While a formal bid has not been placed, Bloomberg says Disney is working with Bank of America to put one together. Just last week, various reports stated Google,, and Verizon were all interested in potentially placing offers. TechCrunch has also independently confirmed Disney's interest in placing a bid for Twitter, while CNBC reports that Microsoft is also mulling over an offer as well.

A Disney deal would make sense. The company has a history of investing in digital media properties including Hulu, Vice, and streaming service provider BAMTech, which provides the technical backbone to products like HBO Now. Despite its film pedigree, Disney's biggest business happens to be cable TV with properties like ESPN and ABC. Yet younger audiences have for years been abandoning cable for services like Snapchat, YouTube, and other forms of social and online media. Twitter, which just began streaming NFL games in a bid to capitalize on its utility for live events, would represent a long-term play for Disney as TV continues to evolve.

Disney is trying to capitalize on the future of television

For Twitter, which has watched user growth plateau and its revenue growth stall, an acquisition from a company like Disney would put to rest its share price concerns and assuage investor fears about its future. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also sits on Disney’s board, giving him more direct access to executives and a deeper knowledge of what type of potential relationship the two companies could foster. Twitter’s stock jumped more than 20 percent last week when acquisition rumors began percolating. As of now, however, it appears Twitter is still waiting for a formal bid from any potential buyers. According to CNBC, a sale could happen as soon as the next 30 to 45 days.