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Apple is reportedly working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch

Apple is reportedly working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch

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During the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, the iPhone-maker presented the wearable as primarily a fitness device. And although there are still several fitness functionalities the Apple Watch is missing, it's no surprise that the company is looking to fill in some of the blanks. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a number of new apps for its wearable, including one tracking users' sleep and another interpreting their general fitness based on heartbeat data.

Both of these functionalities could be implemented on current Apple Watch hardware (which can already track wearers' motion and heart rate, but doesn't interpret this information). But exactly how these apps would work isn't clear. Creating a sleep-tracking app might be tricky considering that most Apple Watch owners have to charge their device overnight — something that can't be done while wearing the device.

Introducing these features and others would allow Apple to push its wearable further into the arms of the health industry, with Bloomberg noting that the "ultimate goal" for the company is to turn its HealthKit app into a diagnostic tool. HealthKit collects data from the Apple Watch and other devices, and could be used to address pain points such as the smooth sharing of data between doctors and patients. If it can also perform preliminary analysis, alerting users when their health is be in trouble, it could become indispensable for those that can afford it.