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Nissan creates self-driving chairs because standing in line was too hard

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Welcome to the future, take a seat

It's become a cliché to compare the latest tech innovation to that scene from Wall-E with the tubby future humans flopping around in hoverchairs, but by my god, sometimes the comparisons are difficult to avoid. Take this video from Nissan, which shows how the company has used its self-driving tech to create prototype self-driving chairs. Just look at the people being carted around while staring in their phones! (Who am I kidding though, it looks like great fun.)

These chairs, or eXtremely-Lay-z-Boys (they're actually called ProPilots), can automatically follow the chair in front, turning queues into conveyor belts of satisfied humans. The video is basically an advert for Nissan's cars, and just a more advanced version of the company's self-parking chairs, but that's not to say this innovation might have some genuine uses; for example, in care homes, helping people with limited mobility.

And, of course, they'll be extremely useful in shepherding humanity to our pampered and physically obsolete future. Fine!