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Lenovo's new Bluetooth blaster is simultaneously revealing and mysterious

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FCC (Lenovo)

Lenovo is apparently working on a Bluetooth blaster that it’ll likely use for VR / AR gaming. The device passed through the FCC this week, and its application gives us a lot of detail on what we can expect, including a full diagram and photos, but it also keeps us in the dark. We have questions, like why is Lenovo making a Bluetooth blaster, and what are we supposed to do with this thing?

But first, let's check out a very illuminating "function button" diagram.

Lenovo (FCC)

As you can see, there's a trigger, a gamepad, and dual analog sticks. The blaster also vibrates when its trigger is pulled.

Here are some photos:

FCC (Lenovo)

Lenovo (FCC)

I feel like I have a good grasp on what this gun controller looks like and how to pair it with an Android device because of its accompanying user manual. But I have no idea what the blaster will be used with or how exactly users will be able to play with it. It's pretty feature-heavy for a mobile gaming accessory and those dual analog sticks suggest it could work as a controller for games that don't require the blaster. Why are you making this, Lenovo?

We have some questions, but I guess for now all we can do is accept that we know nothing beyond the physical appearance of Lenovo's Bluetooth blaster.