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Lin-Manuel Miranda will host Saturday Night Live on October 8th

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will host Saturday Night Live on October 8th with musical guest Twenty One Pilots.

It seems like a perfect fit given Miranda's experience with live performance, political humor, musical satire, New York City culture, and Donald Trump skewering. Miranda has been vocal about his disdain for the Republican presidential nominee, so the news that he will host could be taken as a sign that SNL is finally ready to bring the claws out for the tail end of election season. The show stirred up controversy last year by inviting Trump to host an episode and supplying him with lame, treacly jokes.

Miranda has also been celebrated for revitalizing enthusiasm for performance arts in New York by giving free performances outside the Broadway theater where Hamilton is housed and inviting a whole host of famous guests from the spheres of music, dance, comedy, theater, and film. It seems like a given that he'll bring a fresh musical number and a handful of pals to 30 Rock next weekend.

SNL's 42nd season premieres this Saturday at 11:30PM, hosted by Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie and featuring musical guest The Weeknd.