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HBO renews High Maintenance for a second season

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HBO has renewed its new stoner comedy High Maintenance for a second season. The show, which began as a web series on Vimeo, just started its six-episode first season two weeks ago.

"The response to the new episodes exceeded all of our expectations," said HBO programming president Casey Bloys in an official statement. "Ben [Sinclair] and Katja [Blichfeld] are brilliant, unconventional storytellers and we’re excited to see what they dream up for us in our second season."

"The response to the new episodes exceeded all of our expectations."

High Maintenancewhich HBO picked up last year, involves the oftentimes odd and offbeat customers of a well-meaning pot dealer only known as The Guy. Eschewing a traditional format, the series' episodes can range from intimate portraits of single characters to miniature plays with ensemble casts. Altogether, the series is often as affecting as it is funny, and the series has so far garnered a strong critical response. It's not clear whether or not the next season will have more or less than six episodes, but we're looking forward to the next run.