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This sweet BMW electric scooter with 99-mile range is coming to the US

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BMW's motorcycle division is bringing the updated version of its C evolution electric scooter to the United States. The new C Evolution uses the same battery technology that's going into the new BMW i3, and that helps give it more power and a much longer range.

The scooter can produce a continuous 26 horsepower and a peak of 48 horsepower, enough to give it a maximum speed of 80 mph and a 0–31 time similar to 600cc scooters with internal combustion engines. It won't break any speed records, but it's more than enough to get you going on a highway, and with a range of 99 miles it has sufficient range to handle many urban travel needs.

It has 94 amp hours (up from 60Ah in the prior version) worth of Samsung lithium ion batteries, designed with an "aerodynamically optimized cooling air shaft" — imagine a hole in the battery pack for air to move through — to help with heat dissipation. Regenerative braking is performed via the rear wheel, working in conjunction with the hand brakes.

Pricing and availability were not disclosed.