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Surface desktop keyboard rumored alongside Microsoft’s all-in-one PC

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Microsoft appears to be readying a Bluetooth-powered keyboard with the Surface branding attached. WinFuture discovered a listing for a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), and the naming appears to suggest it's designed for desktop PCs. Microsoft has typically designed Surface accessories for its line of tablet and laptop hybrids, but a desktop keyboard would signal a new area for the brand.

The software maker could simply be rebranding its line of existing desktop keyboards over to the Surface brand in an effort to unify its hardware efforts. However, recent rumors have suggested that Microsoft is preparing to launch a Surface-branded all-in-one (AIO) PC next month. Microsoft is currently targeting a late October launch event in New York City, where the firm is expected to unveil at least one AIO PC. A Surface-branded desktop keyboard could be the perfect companion to Microsoft's Surface all-in-one PC.