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PewDiePie is making new games with the designer of Goat Simulator

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In 2014, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg published a video about a weird game called Goat Simulator, which has since racked up more than 13 million views on YouTube. Now, he's announcing a deal that will see him make multiple games in partnership with Armin Ibrisagic, one of the key designers on Goat Simulator.

The partnership is a deal between Revelmode — a media company created by PewDiePie and video network Maker Studios — and Ibrisagic's new studio DoubleMoose. No specific game was announced, but the deal will cover multiple titles across iOS, Android, and PC. PewDiePie will be offering "creative input" on whatever ends up being developed.

What those games will look like is unclear, but — unsurprisingly, considering the creators — the aim is to create experiences that are funny. "Comedy is huge in entertainment, but it still feels in its infancy in the games industry," says Ibrisagic. "Felix and I would like to work on changing that."

This isn't PewDiePie's first foray into gaming. The YouTube star has also previously partnered with Montreal-based studio Outerminds on the games Legend of the Brofist and Tuber Simulator, which launches today on both iOS and Android.