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GoPro might have accidentally given us our first look at its Karma drone

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GoPro might have accidentally given us a sneak peak of its Karma drone. The company announced earlier this week that it would be unveiling the anticipated aircraft for the first time later this month. A since-removed preview on several of the company’s European websites contain a thumbnail of what appears to be the anticipated aircraft.

GoPro will be holding an event on September 19th to show off the drone (and potentially its Hero5 camera). The image on its French, Italian, Spanish and German websites show off a black and white quadcopter, which links right to the company’s Karma page.

The site also showed off a previously unannounced stabilizer, which led directly to a 404 page.

This isn’t the first time that information has leaked from GoPro: in August, pictures of the Hero5 camera leaked, followed shortly thereafter by its manual, showing off details of the company’s upcoming cloud service, which will be called GoPro Plus.

Updated to reflect GoPro's removal of the images.