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10 shows to binge watch during your long holiday weekend

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It's a good time to catch up

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It’s Labor Day weekend, which for most of us means a nice, three days off from work. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the shows that you’ve probably been hearing about from friends and co-workers.

Here are 10 shows to watch this long holiday weekend on before you have to go back to the office on Tuesday.

American Crime

One of the new anthology dramas just popped up on Netflix. The first season of this crime series stars Timothy Hutton and Felicity Huffman, following the story of the murder of a husband and wife in Modesto, California. Racial tensions flare as the investigation and trial begin.

Where you can watch it: Netflix (Season 1)

The Expanse

The Syfy channel’s big foray back into space television is a criminally underrated show. Based on the novels by James S.A. Corey, The Expanse takes place 200 years in the future. Tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance heat up after the destruction of a water freighter. Season 2 is coming in early 2017, and we absolutely can’t wait.

Where you can watchSyfy (with cable subscription)

Halt and Catch Fire promotional still (AMC)

Halt and Catch Fire

The third season of Halt and Catch Fire just started airing on AMC last week, but if you’ve missed this fantastic show, you can catch up with the first two seasons on Netflix. The first season follows a series of characters as they build a personal computer, while the second examines their efforts to create an online gaming empire in the 1980s.

Where you can watchNetflix and AMC Steaming


This was a show that really shouldn’t have ended as early as it did, but at least you can watch its entire run on Amazon. The show is based on the novels Red Dragon and Hannibal by Thomas Harris, and features some amazing performances by Mads Mikkelsen as the titular cannibalistic serial killer.

Where you can watchAmazon Prime

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

The BBC’s fantastic drama based on the novel by Suzanne Clarke aired last year, but in case you missed it, Netflix has you covered. The story of two rival magicians at the height of the Napoleonic War is a wonderful adaptation and intense story of magic and power in England.

Where you can watch it: Netflix


If you’re looking for a great set of mysteries, look no further than Longmire. Based on the crime series by Wyoming author Craig Johnson, it follows Sheriff Walt Longmire as he solves a variety of crimes in his country. The show was originally cancelled by A&E, but was rescued for a fourth season by Netflix, and which will begin airing its fifth season on September 23rd.

Where you can watchNetflix

Narcos Still

Credit: Netflix


Netflix’s historical crime drama about Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is a show that we were hooked on when we first saw it last year. Season 2 picks up with a much more vulnerable Escobar, and it just began streaming on Netflix earlier this week.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The Night Of

HBO’s crime miniseries has been described as a long Law & Order episode, following the story of a murder in New York City that contains political and cultural overtones for a Pakistani-American student named Nasir Kahn who’s accused of murder. The finale for the show just aired, and it’s a good time to get caught up before you’re inadvertently spoiled.

Where you can watchHBO Go

Star Wars: Rebels

If animation is more your style, why not check out Star Wars Rebels? The prequel show examines the origins of the Rebel Alliance between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. We’re already extremely excited for its upcoming third season, which is going to be bringing back one of the Star Wars Expanded Universe’s best villains: Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now is a very, very good time to catch up.

Where you can watch: Disney XD (With cable subscription)

Stranger Things Photo: Netflix

Stranger Things

Okay, you’ve probably seen the nostalgia-laden science fiction / horror show from the Duffer Brothers. We’re already big fans of this summer’s biggest hit, but if you haven’t seen the show set in 1983 about a missing child, you’re really missing out. If you have seen it, it’s time to give it another watch while you wait for Season 2.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

What else are you watching this weekend?