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HTC’s virtual reality app store launches today

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Viveport, HTC’s app store for its Vive virtual reality headset, is going online worldwide today. Viveport opened exclusively in China this spring, and developers were able to register for a larger beta last month, but the store is now launching publicly in around 30 countries. As part of a 48-hour launch celebration, several Vive titles will be discounted to $1: a new version of Wevr’s theBlu, The Music Room Mini, Mars Odyssey, Firebird - La Peri, and Stonehenge VR.

Currently, HTC Vive owners can buy and run apps and games directly through Steam, or download them from third-party services like But Viveport is supposed to make it easier for non-gaming experiences to get noticed. And while many people will probably still go through Steam, having more competing platforms is good for both customers and developers.