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Tilt Brush, my favorite virtual reality game, is getting multiplayer

Tilt Brush, my favorite virtual reality game, is getting multiplayer

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I haven’t played all that many games in virtual reality, but I feel confident saying that Google’s Tilt Brush — which is essentially the MS Paint of VR — is among the best experiences out there. And it’s going to get even better, because Google is adding a multiplayer mode.

My excitement probably sounds a little ridiculous if you’ve never played around in Tilt Brush before. Why on Earth would someone be excited about multiplayer Paint?

It's way more fun than a paint app ought to be

But the newness of virtual reality makes playing around in Tilt Brush a magical experience that’s unlike any game or app you’ve tried before. You can easily lose an hour or more wandering around Tilt Brush’s void drawing streaks of light like some minor god learning the possibilities of their domain.

The idea of doing that in multiplayer sounds wonderful. Tilt Brush is a pure, creative experience, and the ability to inhabit the same canvases and build in the same worlds as some friends should be a lot of fun.

There’s no word yet on exactly when multiplayer mode will arrive — for now, Google is just announcing that it’s in the works.

It’s detailed a handful of other features that it’s working on for Tilt Brush, too.

One of those is a natural extension of multiplayer: avatars for each person. You can essentially draw around a virtual Vive headset to create an otherworldly mask. It looks cool.

Google is also working on adding a posable manikin and a working zoetrope, which would let you create short animations. It’s also developing something it calls the "portal brush," which lets you see through to the outside world using the Vive’s cameras.