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Duncan Jones' Mute will be distributed by Netflix

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Duncan Jones

We’re really excited to see Duncan Jones return to his roots after taking on Warcraft earlier this year. His next movie Mute just went before cameras earlier this week in Berlin, and it turns out that you might not have to go to theaters to see it. Speaking to the Empire Podcast, the film’s star Alexander Skarsgård revealed that Netflix will be distributing the movie.

The deal is apparently similar to that of Beasts of No Nation, which received a limited release in theaters alongside a wider release on the streaming service. Jones has worked for years to try and get Mute made, and Netflix’s distribution should bring it to a much wider audience.

Mute is set in a futuristic Berlin, and will take place in the same world as his debut film, Moon. It will be about a mute bartender (Skarsgård), who works to track down a missing partner and runs into a surgeon (portrayed by Paul Rudd) who helps him. Earlier this month, Jones noted that Mute is the second entry in a projected trilogy.