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Space Channel 5 is back, and in VR

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Space Channel 5, the classic Sega rhythm game about sassy TV reporter Ulala's cosmic battle against aliens alongside buddy Space Michael Jackson (yes), is returning with a demo to be shown at next week's Tokyo Game Show. There's no information on an actual new game, unfortunately, but this should be enough to get Dreamcast fans excited.

The demo is called "Ukiuki Viewing Show" and will be located in the HTC booth, so one would hope you'd need to go up right left down chu chu chu with Vive controllers, which obviously sounds like the best thing ever. However, it looks like this is more of a passive experience intended to promote Japanese carrier KDDI's social VR software Linked-door. I will endeavor to confirm this for myself, as well as whether this could lead to an actual game release, at TGS next week.