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Here's the free iPhone 7 dongle you'll need to keep using your current headphones

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Apple's newly announced iPhone 7 will need a separate dongle to connect headphones that use a standard 3.5mm jack. Similar to Lenovo’s Moto Z, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will ship with an adaptor in the box that plugs into the Lighting port to let you keep using your old (and now outdated) headphones, with replacement dongles costing $9. As expected, it’s a fairly simple adaptor that just allows for headphones to be plugged into the Lightning port, with no pass-through option for charging an iPhone 7 while using the dongle for music.

While not everyone will be happy to see the headphone jack go, it’s nice to see that the iPhone 7 will ship with at least some Apple-built option to allow the new phones to continue using older headphones, even as the company is clearly pushing for Lighting and wireless headphones going forward.

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