Sony's PlayStation Pro event: the 4 biggest announcements

Slim pickings


After months of speculation, Sony capped off a huge day of tech news with a series of announcements about the PlayStation 4. During an event in New York, the company announced two new versions of the PS4: a slimmed-down version of the original console, and an upgraded version that will begin shipping next year.

Sony also used the occasion to highlight some upgrades coming to its DualShock controllers, as well as a handful of new games. For more details about today's biggest Sony announcements, read on.

A slimmer, cheaper PlayStation 4 is coming this month

The much-rumored smaller version of the PlayStation 4 is now a reality. Today Sony announced that a slimmer version of the console will go on sale September 15th, and will carry a price tag of $299 in most markets.

The new console is nearly identical to the original in terms of functionality. But the slim version will come with a slightly redesigned light bar that is visible from the front for the first time.

While the console's existence had been rumored for months, it wasn't official until today. It arrives nearly three years after the launch of the original PS4.

An upgraded console is coming November 10th

The next generation of the PlayStation 4 is on its way. Today Sony unveiled the PlayStation Pro, an improved version of the original that will ship November 10th for $399. The device, which was codenamed Neo, will feature a faster processor, better graphics, and support for 4K resolution.

PlayStation Pro won't replace the PS4 — it's intended to be sold alongside the base model, and is intended for more serious gamers. It is powered by an upgraded GPU and comes with a 1TB hard drive.

Sony isn't the only company beefing up its hardware. Microsoft unveiled a similarly upgraded version of the Xbox One at E3 this year, codenamed Project Scorpio. It will also feature support for 4K display, and is expected to launch next fall.

Every PS4 will become HDR capable after a new firmware update

High dynamic range (HDR) video creates brighter, more detailed images by creating a better range between the darkest darks and lightest lights in an image. Soon, HDR will be available on every PlayStation 4. Sony announced today that a firmware update next week would enable the feature in all of its consoles, from the base model to the forthcoming PlayStation Pro.

The PlayStation Pro will support HDR gaming and video playback. At this point it's not clear whether PS4 will support HDR gaming, though. In either case, you'll need a television that supports HDR in order to view the improved images.

Some PS4 Pro games will get improved graphics

The same games will be available on every PlayStation 4, but owners of the Pro console will get access to better graphics. An as-yet unspecified number of PS4 games will sport improved graphics on the Pro, including Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn, and an upcoming Spider-Man title. We're hoping to get more details about Sony's plan for improved graphics later today.

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