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Snapchat ends local Stories to focus on live events

Snapchat ends local Stories to focus on live events

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Snapchat is getting rid of the collaborative Stories that let you see what people in and around big cities are up to.

Bloomberg reports that Snapchat has laid off around 15 employees who were in charge of curating its Live Stories from the submissions of people in cities like New York and LA.

Curators have been laid off

These local Stories apparently just weren’t as popular as Snapchat’s other features. Group stories will continue to live on here and there, but they’ll be focused on big events — think red carpets and holidays, according to Bloomberg.

Snapchat confirmed that "a small number" of positions were eliminated, telling Bloomberg it was because of "changes to our Local Story Coverage." It sounds like the change will not impact Snapchat's college campus Stories.

Local Stories were an interesting way to spy on life throughout big cities. But Snapchat likely didn’t need them given how much other video it has for people to watch. The app’s Discover section launched sometime after its local Stories, and Discover has been continually redesigned to be more prominent within the app. It’s not clear if Discover is any more popular, but Snapchat would probably rather have people watching video from that section instead.