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Apple doubles iPad storage, drops Pro pricing

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Goodbye 16GB

Apple didn't mention the iPad once during its event today, but its tablets are still getting some fine tuning across the board. All standard iPad models have had their base storage doubled from 16GB to 32GB, while staying at their existing prices. The Pro's higher storage tiers are also receiving a price cut, with the 128GB model dropping by $50 and the 256GB model dropping by $100.

Here's the new pricing lineup:

And here's the old one:

You'll also see that the iPad mini 2 is only being sold with a single storage configuration, and the mini 4 is no longer being sold with a 64GB option. Instead, the mini 4 and Air 2 now offer 128GB options for $100 above their base prices; previously that upgrade cost $200 for the mini 4 and wasn't available on the Air 2.