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The PlayStation 4 Pro gives us our first look at 4K console gaming

Sony may not have been the first to announce a console that can support 4K gaming, but it is the first to show us actual game footage using the high-resolution output on the PlayStation 4 Pro. During today's event, Sony showed off a handful of games including its upcoming exclusive Spider-Man game, Watch Dogs 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided taking full advantage of the consoles ability to run 4K and HDR-enabled games.

Watch Dogs 2

(Watch Dogs 2)

The company says the PlayStation 4 Pro will use what it's calling "forward compatibility" to make select games which have already been released for the standard PS4 look better on the more powerful console (if of course you have a TV set that can take full advantage of the PS4 Pro). You'll be able to pick up your own PS4 Pro on November 10th for $399, a full year before Microsoft's 4K-capable console is slated to hit stores.