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Watch Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay taken from a PS4 Pro

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Earlier today at Sony’s Playstation event, BioWare showed off its upcoming installment in its Mass Effect franchise: Mass Effect: Andromeda. The demo ran on the newly revealed Playstation Pro, and it looks very, very good.

Pre-Alpha gameplay segment was selected to show how the game will look on certain PS4 models

We’ve already seen a trailer for the game earlier this year, which takes humanity into a brand-new galaxy. The new footage gives us a new look at the game, which was captured directly from a Playstation Pro. BioWare's Aaryn Flynn noted that the Pre-Alpha gameplay segment was selected to highlight the way the game will look on certain Playstation models, such as enhanced resolution and high-dynamic lighting.

The new footage follows an armored character as the player explores a dimly lit vault, running and jumping over objects. It then shows off a cut scene in which the characters discover a terminal that reveals similar vaults on other planets. The characters then flee when they activate a security system. The overview also promised a new trailer for the game on November 7th.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released in early 2017.