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Apple's iPhone 7 recap video will make your heart beat and your eyes blink

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Apple just wrapped up its iPhone 7 event and we have a new phone, headphones, and Watch to show for it. Breaking with tradition, like setting up a new Twitter account that shares your secret news far too early, Apple has also created a supercut of sorts. It's thumping video that aims to recap all of Apple's news in less than two minutes.

It's super sassy, referencing the headphone jack removal as a "shocker," and fast paced. If you've only got a couple of minutes to digest Apple's announcements then this video recap will certainly get your heart beating and your eyes blinking. It's probably great to watch if you're a teenager, but it made me feel old and on some kind of acid trip. There's a brief break in the momentum for an NYU professor toward the end, but apart from that prepare yourself for a 107 second rollercoaster of black and white. Don't forget your seat belt.

Apple iPhone 7 first look