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Every PS4 will be HDR-capable via firmware update next week

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Along with the new PS4 Pro, which offers HDR and 4K for video and gaming, Sony announced that all current PS4s — both original hardware and the Slim refresh — will be getting HDR support in a firmware update next week.

HDR (high dynamic range) video is a technology that works to create a better dynamic range — the difference between the darkest dark and the lightest light — in a video, creating bright images with more details across a wider range of colors, provided you've got an HDR compatible TV that can output it.

So while it's not quite the full 4K and HDR output that the PS4 Pro will be offering, the lower powered PlayStation 4 will have HDR support for gaming and streaming video, although Sony has yet to announce which of the Dolby Vision or HDR10 standards it will be supporting.

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