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Sonos updates app to let you start playing music faster

Sonos updates app to let you start playing music faster

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Up until now, the Sonos mobile app has done a decent enough job of managing Sonos players in people’s homes, but no one would really say it’s simple. Or intuitive. Or good. Today, the company has updated its app in a big way, making simplicity and ease of use core parts of the experience. Now, it’ll be easier to just start listening to music as opposed to clicking through menus. (Though whether or not the app is good is still up for debate.)

Today’s update does a great deal to put listening first. The biggest change is in how the queue works. Now you can just click a song from any album, playlist, or the queue and it starts right away. You can now select Play All on a playlist or album instead of having to choose between Play Now or Play Next, saving you a step. And you can better tell what music should be played where if you have different playlists going in different rooms. The idea is to make it easier to have a continuous flow of music you like from whatever mix you’re listening to going without interruptions. Perfect for your next house party.