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Take to the great outdoors with this adorable Airstream camper

The silver bullet Airstream camper is an American icon. Seeing one always made me wonder where their owners were off to next: perhaps a trip to Yellowstone or a NASCAR race or to spend the summer near the grandkids. But I never imagined I'd want to own one for myself. They always seemed rather... old-fashioned.

Not this one, though. The Airstream Basecamp is firmly aimed at the active youngster, folks without kids (because it's really rather small) who want to experience the great outdoors but with a bit of the comfort of home as well. It's a new $35,000 trailer that weighs less than 3,000 pounds and is designed to be towed behind even small SUVs and crossovers.

In a press release, Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler calls it a "fully-loaded adventure waiting to happen." Typical marketing speak, but in this case I can imagine myself using the thing. It has a full toilet and shower, cooktop, stainless steel sink and refrigerator, and you can attach a patio and rear tent when you reach your campsite to have extra storage — and protection from bugs. It's the lightest trailer Airstream makes and is designed to ride over uneven terrain without too much trouble.

It was just Wilderness Week here at The Verge and this little trailer might just be enough to get me out into the great outdoors, if only with a toilet and shower along for the ride. It's a much more civilized way to adventure, don't you think?


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