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Tesla is going on a road trip to sell cars

Tesla is going on a road trip to sell cars


Six Airstream trailers will act as mobile showrooms

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Tesla is hitting the road, spreading the good word of the Model X and Model S to the parts of the US that haven’t been blessed with a Tesla dealership. The company’s new Tesla Explores program will see six Airstream trailers touring the country with their interiors fitted as Tesla Design Studios. Inside, prospective buyers will be able to find out more about Tesla’s cars and customize their own dream vehicle. The tour itself is a good demonstration of the electric automaker’s virtues — including the availability of charging stations in the US, and the towing power of the Model X SUV.

A map on the Tesla Explores website shows the trailers’ current itinerary, although stops are currently only scheduled along the coasts. (Tesla fans can request new locations.) It’ll be particularly interesting to see if the Explores program makes its way to states where Tesla's direct-to-consumers sales model has been banned due to opposition from dealership lobbyists. Will a modified Airstream violate these rulings? It’s not clear, but if things go wrong at least Tesla’s employees will able to make a quick getaway.