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Considering the PS4 Pro? Use this flowchart

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Sony has announced two new PlayStation 4s, the most expensive and impressive being the PlayStation 4 Pro. The $399 video game console will improve the graphical fidelity of some PS4 video games, throw additional power behind the upcoming PSVR headset, and through some technological trick, display specific video games at 4K resolution — an impressive feat even by the standards of costly mid-to-high-end gaming PCs. But do you need a PS4 Pro?

You might have noticed the vagueness of language in the graph above, and that’s because Sony hasn’t been especially clear exactly how PS4 Pro will benefit games holistically. Each game, it seems, may use the PS4 Pro’s additional power in its own, unique fashion. There’s also the larger question of the importance of 4K for the average person. And so, the decision of whether or not to purchase a PS4 Pro is complicated.

To help, I created a flowchart: