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Supercut celebrates 50 years of Star Trek with all the best movie quotes

Supercut celebrates 50 years of Star Trek with all the best movie quotes

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Star Trek might be the inferior Star series (don't @ me), but I'll concede that the franchise has had some strong moments in its half-century of existence. A number of those are collated in this celebratory video, 90 seconds of memorable movie moments released to commemorate Star Trek's 50th birthday this week.

There aren't four lights

The video features scenes from the 13 Star Trek movies so far, including footage both from 1979's Star Trek: the Motion Picture, all the way to this year's Star Trek: Beyond. That means it's got Spock — both young and old versions — logically quoting his catchphrases, as well as William Shatner's Kirk hamming it up, and Jean-Luc Picard "engage"-ing his way through space, but it also sadly means we don't see the very best moments from the various Star Trek TV shows — including the one that started it all in September 1966.

That's probably because of the complex situation surrounding the Star Trek rights, which see CBS in charge of the TV shows, and Paramount handling movie properties. Not only is the video mildly disingenuous, then — the oldest Star Trek movie is a sprightly 37 years old — it also robs us of the chance to reminisce about "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS," Uhura and Kirk's historic kiss, and Riker's majestic beard.