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How do you really feel about the PlayStation 4 Pro?

How do you really feel about the PlayStation 4 Pro?

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Look out! It’s a Vergecast takeover. Paul Miller and Chris Plante run the show now. Who are these guys? Rebels.

Okay, what actually happened is a total Apple-bonanza in a special crossover episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete and the Vergecast. That’s where you can hear people you know and love like Nilay, Dieter, Lauren, and Walt talk about headphone jacks. Listen to that for sure.

But if you want to talk about 4K HDR video games, you’ve come to the right place! In this week’s "official" but totally underground Vergecast episode we’re talking about Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and little else. Is that cool with you? We hope you don’t mind... rebellion.

02:46 – Microsoft at E3 this year

05:00 – Sony event this week

17:05 – 4K Blu-ray? (No.)

19:15 – PlayStation VR

26:20 – Autodesk Graphic ad

27:40 – Mario!

33:38 – The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

35:30 – Ashley's weekly segment "iPhone 7"

36:15 – Squarespace ad

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