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TiVo's new interface will cut down on channel surfing

TiVo's new interface will cut down on channel surfing

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Tivo Roamio

Yesterday Rovi announced that it completed its takeover of DVR company TiVo, and that it would be adopting its name. Now, TiVo has announced updates to its user interface.


The company is trying to adapt to the changing world of viewing habits by working with smart TVs and mobile devices. The new interface will bring in a wider range of content from traditional television networks and online sources. In addition to that it will help predict what viewers want to watch based on their viewing history, what device they’re watching on, and at what time.

"Finding what you want to watch has become increasingly difficult with the growing number of video providers," TiVo’s chief design officer, Margret Schmidt, wrote in a statement. TiVo's new interface could help viewers parse the immense amount of content that exists on television and the internet.

TiVo’s ambitions here appear to be aimed at becoming a central hub for entertainment in the household, allowing users to watch videos anywhere, on any device. Today’s announcement comes after a recent FCC filing saying that the company could be looking to build a device that will allow users to stream video from a DVR to other devices.