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How much of Rogue One is being spoiled in these glorified toy commercials?

How much of Rogue One is being spoiled in these glorified toy commercials?

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Disney is continuing to show off some of the upcoming Rogue One merchandise that’s set to be released this year. The video promotions are part of a glorified toy commercial web series called Going Rogue.

The latest installment begins with a new set of hijinks: Jyn Erso has stolen the plans to the Death Star, but runs into Chirrut Îmwe and Saw Gerrera before they’re confronted by an enormous stormtrooper, hilariously named TK-XXL. After quickly constructing a Lego tank, they escape into space, where they discover that they only have part of the plans.

Watching this, I can’t help but wonder how much of Rogue One is being spoiled in this series of short videos: after watching the trailers, we sort of assume that Erso meets up with the Rebellion on Yavin IV, but maybe this is where they first come into contact? We also see Orson Krennic complaining about how his Death Star project is off schedule in the new short, which seems likely, given that the Empire has a Rebellion on its hands. At least we can assume a daring escape doesn’t involve Legos.

Star Wars has always been a bit of its own worst enemy when it comes to keeping secrets, going all the way back to The Empire Strikes Back. The franchise has always been a merchandising juggernaut, and fans are good at piecing together clues from upcoming films from the hundreds of different toys, games, comics, and books coming out each year. Disney went through great lengths to keep the story for The Force Awakens under wraps , but that didn’t stop some crucial details from leaking out in commercials, such as this one for Duracell.

This is all speculation, of course: we won’t know definitively until December 16th exactly what will happen. Until then, it might be best to avoid absolutely everything everywhere all the time if you’re looking to go into the film spoiler free. Or at least stay away from the toys.

Update: Disney reached out to clarify that the series has been created by "superfans" who haven't been briefed on the film, and doesn't contain any spoilers from the movie.