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Jeff Nichols will direct a remake of Alien Nation

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Director Jeff Nichols is signing on to helm the remake of the 1988 science fiction movie Alien Nation, according to Deadline. The news comes as Nichols’ latest film, Loving, screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The original Alien Nation takes place after a starship of enslaved aliens arrive on Earth and follows a xenophobic police officer who is partnered up with one of them. Directed by Graham Baker, the film spawned a spinoff TV series and five additional TV movies. In 2015, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the writers behind the first Iron Man film, signed on to write the screenplay.

According to Deadline, Nichols will pick up the writing duties for the remake in addition to directing. Nichols is no stranger to science fiction: his film Midnight Special premiered earlier this year. With the original’s strong antiracist story, the new Alien Nation appears to be a perfect fit for the Nichols, whose film Loving follows an interracial couple attempting to get married in 1967 Virginia.

No release date or cast for the film has been announced.