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Hasbro will let the internet vote to replace old Monopoly game pieces with emoji

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Hasbro is releasing a new version of Monopoly called Token Madness. It’s “madness,” you see, because the pieces included in the game will be decided by a public vote, Entertainment Weekly reports.

In addition to the eight current game tokens, there will be 50 new pieces for voters to choose from, including a hashtag, a winky face emoji, a kissy emoji, and a thumbs-up. The Monopoly Standard Edition, the metaphorical grandfather to the Token Madness teen, includes a Scottish Terrier, a battleship, a car, a top hat, a thimble, a boot, a wheelbarrow, and a cat. (The cat replaced the iron piece in 2013, also thanks to a public vote.)

Here is the part where I’m supposed to announce my dismay that the beloved tiny dog may be replaced by some gosh dang kissing head, but actually I think it will be fine. Monopoly takes at least 72 hours to play and no one wants to be a thimble for 72 hours anymore. The new options are also all fairly reasonable; even if the internet has collectively bad taste, the worst thing that’s gonna happen is we’ll end up playing with a life preserver and some cufflinks.

You can vote here until January 31st. The winning tokens will be announced on March 19th.