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Tesla's new Autopilot chief is a longtime Apple veteran

Tesla's new Autopilot chief is a longtime Apple veteran


Chris Lattner created the Swift programming language

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Tesla has hired Chris Lattner as vice president of autopilot software, bringing him over from Apple where he was in charge of the Developer Tools Department. At Tesla, Lattner will lead the Autopilot engineering team and “accelerate the future of autonomous driving,” according to a Tesla blog post.

In his 11 years at Apple, Lattner led development of the Swift programming language and also led work on Xcode and Apple’s CPU and GPU compilers and a number of other development tools across a variety of roles.

The departing interim vice president of Tesla Autopilot software is Jinnah Hosein, who has been working double duty at Tesla and as SpaceX’s vice president of software. He will now return to a full-time role at SpaceX.

Tesla confirmed to The Verge that Sterling Anderson, former director of Autopilot programs, is no longer employed with the company.